updated 24.01.2018

As a death/thrash lover I probably know few of the most well know gems around the world due to my slow-check-schedule, I find mp3 intensive download vice quiet disgusting and abundant in most people so I tend to check item by item in a quiet slow motion speed, I prefer spend one month with one demo than 1000 demos in one night, how am I supposed to remember all those bands? OK, to the point. I got really stuck at some demos last months and I can tell you Nimrod (Chl) - Time of Changes demo '88 is killer, am i wrong if I tell you it's similar to Disarm (US) ? If you check my wishlist you may say I am obssessed (by cruelty? ) by after the dead demo but ok... I found some similar riffs so it's definately amazing, good Thrash/Death Metal. Another terrific jem introduced by my friend Phil from 'temple of adoration' fanzine was Oberon from Bulgaria, quiet unknown for me and they are outstanding, the demo Teyeh Metaa '93 is killer and the best of it is their track from '91 when they were known under another monicker "CroMaHa" (Stomana) which means Steel (translated thanks to Medarov from Terozin, the label who released this gem!), this is Black metal in Venom's vein and some Motorhead-ish stuff on it too, good to know if you are quiet ignorant related to their ancient scene as I am. I don't want to make this too boring so my last comments go for Chainsaw Slaughter, Paraguayan Black/Speed Metal fukin astonishing. If you were used to read my old blogs (blogspot/wordpress), you may remember how I was fascinated by Unhallowed from Chile who where also in this vein, these two may differ in lyrical stuff, I don't know, I remarked lovecraftian,occult,alchemy related lyrics on Unhallowed but as this tape "The monk of the black circle Beneration" lacks of lyrics I cannot say anything of them. What Unhallowed has to do with this anyway? Vocals are so identical!! Believe me, if you enjoyed the chilean attack, well, this guys from paraguay has nothing to envy... they rule! Last one please? haven't checked Witchnight (arg) demo tape?! warghh!! Fuk! black/speed again agressive and violent! argh! another thing that got me busy. Cheearghs pals! Remember, besides 'only real is real', in this particular case I own these tapes so dubbed copies are available for future trades in case you cannot find them. Check my lists! --- yes too much black speed whilst I started saying I am deathrasher... but! two weeks from now relistening to Satan's Sodomy tape , french Agressor, arghh!!! Uncontrolled DesiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAhhhhhh!

updated 18.01.2018

As i like wrtiting, here it is, my space for doing so. Cheers readers!