Hallo bastards, this time no time for my stupid vomits, only wanted to share this terrific news provided by Atomic Vision Productions: The new album from RADIATION(Svk) will be called "Reactor Collapse" and will contain 8 songs. Musically it is still mostly on the edge of thrash and death metal with some traditional metal elements with punk as fuck energy as always. Expect it somewhere in the second half of 2022. CD and tape version will come out first, so stay tuned ! contact: Atomic Vision Productions


Hell is here! brazilian thoughts occurring through my braincells he he! What's new? Nothing is, in this shithole nothing happens, or too few remarkable things could happen but interesting for the archeologist not for trendies. Anyway life in urgay. Lethargy. SACRILEGE (UK) - Demo #1 1984, blew my skull with "Apartheid" which is something like, if you think of a female vocalist in the HC vein, on a "Show no Mercy" album with a guitar vibe ala DISCHARGE (UK) you get this outstanding mixture! Followed by "Bloodlust", here you notice they play crude Rock n roll with violent screams, oh man, I fuking love female vox! "Dig your own Grave" keeps on the same perfect line and closing this demo, "Blind Acceptance", which is little bit different in sound, may be part of another recording session. This demo is spectacular, I had never heard of this band before what a gem! (Hey Cowboy, I bet this is another Nyte Light influence!). B-side contains Demo #2 1985, which scaled from a demo recording to a "Hear nothing say nothing" recording level! The first track "Stark reality" has an intro with solos that are great, lots of DISCHARGE indeed, even some arrangement with those two paralel guitar notes from time to time that were typical in the aforementioned project. "A violation of something Sacred" goes on really in your face. The improvement this project has over DISCHARGE is that drumming is little bit more complete with more fills and marks with zymbals,etc. "Blood Run" counts with impressive changes and solo, totally showing off they play amazingly. "Out of Sigh, out of Mind" closes this terrific recording. This demo is slightly more thrasher than the one before but, mostly due to those palmuted riffs where ONSLAUGHT(UK) could also be related to them. This is a highly recommended project, besides I know they became thrashers for their first LP, hopefully I will get it one day. Recommended. Thanks for the trade joakill! CRYPT DAGGER(GER) - From Below 12'' EP 2020, by Dying Victims Prods, outstanding quality on every aspect and also includes the stupid code for bandcamp download, something used nowadays still don't know why... in case of broken LP's? or just to show off you have an LP but nowhere to play it? fuk... anyway, this is new to me, a CELTIC FROST(SWI) -ish project with some ressemblanses to the ancient brazilian simple n effective riffs and also some SLAYER(US) -ish tunes, this is a power trio so expect bass ripping your ears and vocals are great, some screams are similar to, yes again, DEATHHAMMER(NOR) but not abused at all, may be sometimes seemed quite out of nowhere but not bad at all. The summary is quite great, I mean, I enjoyed their music and somewhat their attitude exposed on their pictures, because despite counting on a typical black metal artwork, the members seem to be totally uninterested in having a dark, violent or disgusting image, they seem they are kind of Punks in some ways which I happen to enjoy a lot, anyway I wonder what the fuk one of them was thinking when adding a picture of himself on a coach without shirt HA HA HA, in the end, I congrat you man on that one, is totally unexpected and probably more than one will remember you because of that. (Stefan I thought of you when I saw him, because you german psychos are always doing this kind of out-of-nonense shit HAHAHA! liest du mich oder ist dein Leben in der Schweden sehr ausgezeichtnet für diese Scheiße !?!). And to close this EP they included a cover from DEAD MOON(US), a punk band I have no clue about them and probably will give them a try in the near future, so my guess regarding their attitude was not wrong at all. After all some rythms on vocals and guitar tune, also reminded vik of OMEGA(Gre), totally agree with her, I did not know what was ringing the bell on my brain but that was it, thanks darling. SENTINEL BEAST(US) - Depths of Death 1986, CD done pretty good by some russian bootleger. As I fukin love female vox I wanted to remark this gem. It was not known to me but when exchanging band names with a friend of mine, quite a long time ago by now, he mentioned this one, and I was intrigued, this is a brutal Thrash metal act having an amazing vocalist, her tunes come from a kind of "The Queen of Siam" by HOLY MOSES (GER) to something like ZNÖWHITE(US). The guitars are amazing, sometimes with spectacular, almost but not, neoclassical passages where the vocals fit endlessly perfect. Throughout the whole recording, the influences coming from IRON MAIDEN(UK) are notorious which made me think of SAVAGE GRACE(US) too. And as expected, "The Phantom of the Opera" cover was included as part of the tracklist, counting on marvellous sound. Tracks like "Sentinel Beast", "Depths of Death", "Dogs of War" or "Corpse" led you to not stoppig listening to this incredible album. This is a total must. So don't forget to check it out and dig around your friend's collections and beg for a CDR/dubbed one or buy it! KIM SIXX (DNK) - Complete Anthology 1984-1985 - 2020 digipak by Tribute Recs, another of those well preserved recordings including great pictures from the time, being a complete anthology, most of the stuff were unknown to me because I only knew four tracks and these are 16 (one or two are twice in different sessions). This CD starts with their Demo 1 from 1984, "Warrior (whip your horse)" was the track that guided me through their music, spectacular and original track, check the damned harmonics! "Wedding night with the demons" is a slower one with root on the early 70's hardrock/heavy metal. "Tough and Tender" starts as if it were VAN HALEN(US) and then is IRON MAIDEN(UK) 's "Murders in the Rue Morgue", anyway is a great track too, the voice man, she kills!. "Back in Black" is kind of speed metal and JUDAS PRIEST(UK), pretty killer track with excellent solos. Concluding this demo, the raging track of "Bang your Head" digs your grave hugely deep, i fukin love this track! Following tracks were totally hidden, are outtakes from studio sessions, "The Boys Bridge", "The Chosen few" , not remarkable tracks but good to have, probably for sex sessions. I think these don't shine because vocals are not that on the top, or may be I am just wrong. "Tawdinnes" starts much better than the previous ones, good opening scream with great solo, vocals are better on this one, more energy and freedom. "Six are the Metal Five" is a live recording, included to demonstrate they killed live! but it is not as good as other tracks. Then demo 2 from 1985 puts "The Magic Sword" on the table, this is a fantastic track, this one even has a promotional videoclip with them playing on a kind of factory or a submarine haha, Kim with an axe on her hands singing "the magic sword", one of those funny things you won't ever forget, this is spectacular, this was inspired from JUDAS PRIEST too in my opinion. "Lousy Leather" is also fantastic where I found some DEEP PURPLE(UK) on bass while solos. This second demo dies with "They Kill in War", chorus sounds are impressive and rythm changes too. Another studio recording from "Bang your head" was also included, clean production much brighter than the demo version of course, anyway the difference is minimal or the track is that impressive that I don't give a fuk haha! and three more live tracks recorded in 1984, "Let it loose" is a fukin DIO(US) 's "Holy Diver" clon! I thought it was a cover but is not! shame on them (or on the night?) HAHA! , "The boys brigade" which is better on this live recording, and "Bad Girl", besides, you can hear the audcience from the time screaming, seems as if those were thousands! The whole production is great, and the only drawback is that lyrics were not included, may be the label thought is easier to identify the lyrics but my bad ears cannot do it completely well. This is really expensive for metalheads in south america, mostly due to shipping costs from countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway,Finland, etc; luckily my brother brought it to me from Spain few weeks ago, but if you have the chance to get it you won't regret it, and even more if you were waiting for something like this for years! Thanks Rodrigo HELLAVENGER for telling me this existed! BLOOD SPORT(FIN) - Hot Blood and Cold Steel MLP 2021, by Gates of Hell Recs. This is an spectacular Speed Metal act counting on classical approach towards music, sound and production along with a female vocalist that reminds you of ZNÖWHITE(US) mixed a little bit with some GIRLSCHOOL(UK) tune. Riffs are really good indeed, I cannot avoid thinking of VOIVOD(CAN) , TANK(UK) and RAZOR(CAN) with little ANNIHILATOR(CAN) too. With no doubt, this band has blood guts and beers so no point on avoiding the support one should give on them and grab this fukin MLP. Recommended as fuk because we are victims of the STEEL SYSTEM!! VACANT GRAVE(US) - Life or Death 1990, RE 2020 CD by some russian bootleger, pretty well done bootleg, looks really professional. I wonder why these guys were not properly released by any label, I presume they were not too interesting back then when the DM explosion of the 90s was taking place... anyway, They were part of the spectacular New Reinassence compilation named "Satan's Revenge" with another outstanding art done by Drew Elliot, the guy who drew the marvellous and obscure art for "Inverted Crosses" MLP from THE UNSANE(US), remember? If you don't, then try to remember BLOOD FEAST(US) art on "Kill for Pleasure" LP! On this compilation, they took part here with US acts like NECROVORE(US), MORBID ANGEL(US), THE UNSANE among others I cannot recall, in fact this is how I knew all these bands when I was starting my ways throughout the insane paths of death. Compilations were great! That's why I was so in love with the one entitled "Death Metal" he he. Back to VACANT GRAVE, they play a pretty technical Thrash/Death Metal with a reminiscence in vocals to Patrick Ranieri's ways, from HELLWITCH(US), and the guitar tune, at least in "Graven Sculpture" track reminded me of MEFISTO(Swe) and ANNIHILATOR(Can), probably this track made me realise that fact. Also, in "Premature Burial" you can get those riffings ala REVENANT(US) and "Street Queen" starts as if it were an Horror film with those notes ala DEATH(US), then more ANNIHILATOR. And yes, it's full of great solos and arrangements and vocal chorus give them that Thrash Metal touch. Some time ago I also got their demos, where, thanks to the lack of professional sound and more reverb on vocals, and may be more speed, they were more Death/Thrash. I totally recommend this bootleg if you are desperate to get something from them, I doubt their 12" could be traceable because was independently released back then and with the vinyls feber from nowadays, this could cost your two eyes, your balls and some meters of your intestines, if not all. DISCIPLES OF POWER(CAN) - Power Trap 1989 , RE 2017 by VIC recs, this is the continuation of their demo era, no doubt, better sounding, anyway, their demo from 1988 was fukin terrific, to my surprise, this demo was also included in this release. As you know, Canada counted on spectacular thrash metal acts, this is a kind of SLAYER(US) canadian verison but with its own touches in rythms and cuts, sometimes more agressive almost getting into Death Metal realms, and sometimes not, with some acoustic-like guitars. If you like digging into the past you probably must grab this one too, you won't regret it. LETHAL PRESENCE (Can) - Unholy Alliance, RE 2016 LP by Ripping Storm Recs, this label did an excellent work on this production, the interview included shines impressively full of information, did you know INFERNAL MAJESTY guys had a kind of rockstart attitude ? HA HA! Well, going on with the canadian assault, they played really obscure Thrash Metal, a mixture between SACRIFICE(Can) and INFERNAL MAJESTY(CAN). They were part of the spectacular "Raging Death" compilation along with SADUS(US), EXECUTIONER(US), R.A.V.A.G.E.(US) and others... yeah , that was hell ov a cum-pilation. Back on this LP, the "Unholy Alliance" demo from 1987 is included, a couple of rehearsal tracks and a couple of live tracks. I don't like the idea of cutting the demo, but the first demo's last track did not made it to be part of the A Side, so it was added on the B side, apart from that detail,this LP totally worths it, get in touch with the label while there still are copies left! So Thrash or die!!! RADIATION(SVK) - Polution Overdose EP 2013, 7" by Atomic Vision coproduced with more labels. This is a great EP, even though starts as if it were a rawer version of DESTRUCTION(GER) with "Atomic Age", goes on with a more personal touch later listened on their full length "The Gift of Doom" released few years ago. This release shows off, for those unknowing what they were doing before their album, how Thrashy they started and ended up being little bit more DM influenced later. "Orbital Bombfall" reminded me a little bit of some Paraguayan Thrash Metal, ala EVIL FORCE(PAR) and may be some ATOMIC CURSE(PAR), despite being an instrumental track. This band is another around the underground that does not disappoint. You can get this one directly through Atomic Vision at a great price and totally worth it. I bought an extra copy for distro here but got stolen by joakill before seeing the light! speedy bastard HA HA! MORTAL SCEPTER(Fra) - Where light Suffocates LP 2019 by Epidemia Recs, this is precious! these guys are just in the same vein they were on their previous LP, little bit more professional, more thrashy and technical, they are fukin skilled bastards!! fuk France has a new thrasho kommand!!! These maniacs put their country above the darkened skies once again! In the vein of MASSACRA(Fra),AGRESSOR(Fra) you cannot miss this album! CROSSING DEATH(Mex) - One life is not enough 1992 - RE 2020 by Huanquang Records, this is a pretty consistent Thrash Metal band from Mexico in the vein of TRANSMETAL(MEX) but rawer, mostly because vocals seems to have the very same effect. The whole production is great and obscure. Includes a live gig in 2005, which is greatly funny because of the conversations in between but some tracks are significantly awful, but the live sound is terrific. I was not familiar with them so it was good to give them a chance. BEYOND THE GATES(Ita) Newsletter issue #4, this got into my dirty hands when I got the CRYPT DAGGER LP along with BLOOD SPORT, spectacular underground newsletter done for free with an spectacular introspective about the ancient Australian scene (Yeah the one we all insane bastards from deathrashing abyss love) written by Ian Belshaw from CONVENT GUILT(Aus), it also includes another BLOOD SPORT's interview and a good one with VORTEX(Hol). I am desperate in getting their previous issues because the review about the scene is its part 2 ARGHH!!! And as you might guess, this is done by the Gates of Hell Records people. Spectacular newsletter! It was a long time without writing so cutting my crap, I let you know readers, that GRAF SPEE tapes are now available under my label and ANGKOR VAT too. So get in touch, trades are not possible due to shipping cost for now, and this bullshit prices are even affecting distribution, I am not sure to say I am sorry about this or if we should start getting more jobs HA! Some copies of the first 4 issues of Extreme Resurrection fanzine are still available, written in english and prepare for our next Extreme Resurrection Records release, uruguayan deathrash!


Finally some weeks off work, I don't remember when was the last time I had free time for doing anything more than scratch my ass and drink even more than daily. I hope the end of the world comes soon to extingish mankind for once and for all. That's still quite uncertain, so for the moment behave yourselves and struggle against the masses and corporate shit, never forget we are the forces of the underground, with records in one hand and beers in the other kick shitheads asses and vomit your hate everywheARRGHH! SATANARCHIST PUKEEEEE! SADISTOR(Phi) - Sadistic Wrath Attack EP 2013, released on protape, really nice serigraphy on transparent tape, by Vala Ulmo Records, this is a Thrash metal project from Philipines, this EP sounds pretty well, vocals are great and riffs are good, some SEPULTURA(BRA) influences, is fast and to the point. This was totally unknown to me, pretty good, this project is still active, I will have to dig little bit further later to see how they have improved. MORTAL SCEPTER (FRA) - As Time Sharpens the Sentence 2015 MLP, RE 2017 on 12'' by Epidemia Recs, I bought two years ago because the artwork looked great. When I got it I could not believe it, the art has shinny rays on it replacing the color of the art itself, the same printing effect used by the old DBC LP. That was spectacular detail, the label did spectacular work on every detail here. The music invades your ears with a so great, obscure and sharpy track named like the album, this is an spectacular introduction to what the band is capable of, the vocals are magnificient, I have no idea why I haven't written about them before. As soon as this starts, your skull gets cracked by the drumming sound, it so natural and astonishingly perfectly recorded, I fukin loved it, this sounds totally as if you were there in the studio. "Execution Symphony" makes no difference in quality, "EXPECT NO FUKIN MERCY" ARGH what a great track, all riffs are so perfectly assembled that is so hard to believe they could made such a recording in the 21st century. "Infernal Satanic Sinners" yet envenomed in the same stream of darkness closes side A. B-side spins disseminating the "Violent Revenge" which is outstanding. Thrash Metal riffs with little Black Metal vibe, sometimes DEATHHAMMER(NOR) kind of uncontrolled screams are there, mixed with this drumming sound ala MASSACRA(FRA) made a perfect combination for making this release compulsory in your room. Getting almost to the end, "Death to the False ones" that has kick in your face Speed Metal falling into a spectacular scream and vocals full of despice, a need for having such a title he he, the solo is great too. To crucify your ugly existence, "Total Desaster" cover was added here, this is outstanding, I have no words to describe this version. When I got to the back of the LP I saw the cover and said "ah... ok", It never occurred to me this beasts would record even the intro of the track HA HA! As said before, this is a total MUST for those who "live and die for speed" !!! HELL POSSESSION (Chl) - Phantom Aggressor Demo 2020, by Dying Victims Prods, Well I was not aware of their name at all, my friend joakill got obssessed by cruelty and shared this release with me, pretty interesting Deathrash attack fresh and classic. This starts with an intro and then "Polstergeist" appears starting as if it were a track from DEATH (US) in the "Scream Bloody Gore" era, then changes and I'd say this could be compared with RIPPER (Chl), "Raising the Corpse" era. Once again, Chile with their pounding metal. "Lord of Hate" closes this short demo, this is a band we should all keep an eye on, let's hope they don't fuk it when releasing something else. Sadly too short demo but totally recommended. ETERNAL DIRGE (Ger) - Right to the Core Demo 1989, these germans psychos were playing a kind of technical german thrash metal with death metal mixed with some HC influences mostly in vocals, this was what I remembered from them at the time I checked this recording. The progression towards more death metal was totally expected and despite counting on typical 80s german riffs it also has that mixture with the northamerican DM vibe coming mostly from DEATH(US). Thank you very much my friend mediocridad for reading my words HA HA! SKITLICKERS(Swe) - The Skitlickers demo 1982 + unreleased tracks RE 1997 Distortion Recs. This is a pretty well done mixture between DISCHARGE(UK) and CRUDE SS(Swe). Effective hardcore attack, the "The Leader of the Fukin' assholes" track also reminded me of a little bit of NAPALM DEATH(UK) "Scum" era. The most interesting thing I found on this, were the bonus tracks, the vocalist sounds exactly as if he were Jeff Becerra from POSSESSED(US). This is an excellent project one should not doubt about checking them. Expect nothing more than a skullkrushing bass on the top of the noise! Thanks joakill for the dubbed one! HEATHEN(US) - Breaking the Silence 1987, CD RE 2008 by Century Media. I always ignored this one due to vocals but now I think I enjoy it, shit happens... At first listening I thought instantly in a mixture between a slower EXODUS(US) and DARK ANGEL(US),TESTAMENT(US) with kind of power metal vocals. I cannot say this is the best recording ever, but count on fantastic solos. Four tracks of their first demo were included, I hate the idea of cutting the demo but well, at least you can get an idea of how they move ahead. Nothing outstading nor super but in the end this is a good recording. HELL TREPANNER(Per) - Macabre Smell of Rot 2020 Compilation by the simple 'n effective but great label Fallen Temple, This compiles tracks taken from their promo rehearsal, which are perfect quality, I wonder which gear do they have under possession to rehearse and sound so impressive! this is in the vein of MORBID ANGEL(US), IMMOLATION(US) and some things in vocals reminded me of their local act MORTEM(Per); and in Peruvian acts, SEPULTURA(Bra) kind of drums seems an unavoidable ingridient, also I must admit I found some similarities with DEATHLY SCYTHE(Chl). Also tracks from an split entitled "Towards the Diabolical Domains" were used here to fullfill the morbid minds of the listeners and make this longer. This is a really nice recording and they have been listed on my notebook for quite a long time, this is a recommended recording for those digging into Peruvian acts from these times, support still-living morbid acts and obscure labels like these! Phil, you sent this and nailed it man! Thanks! An Eternal Kingdom of Fire Compilation 2021 by Ancient Cult Recs, this was sent by my friend Phil because an unknown EXPULSED ANGEL(GER) track was added. I am going to reduce my words only to that track because I am not into Black Metal and the rest of the tape, for me, was extremely boring. The only two bands worth checking here, in my opinion, are HELLAVENGER(Chl) and EXPULSED ANGEL. "Age of Iron Darkness" starts as if it were a highly classical thrash metal act, later on some black metal vibe riffs were added with some melodies and , should I say complex structures? The mid-tempo drums and some mosquito bass lines are great mixed with chaotic sharp guitars, great track, I cannot wait to listen another shit from them! Well not too much to add now... melting by the fukin hotness in the urgay ways... but I have a secret to tell ya folks... JPI Vio-Lens Kommand is recording an LP ARRGHHHH This will be the best fukin recording in urgay since, I don't know... the 80s !? fukk you will be fukin surprised!! contact the band, move your ass, die and live again to re die by their noisy fukin deathrash ARRHGHHH!!!!


What happened to this author from the south who does not introduce his posts no more... ?! OK, I have been quite tired, too much work, buying recordings is becoming each day more impossible due to high currencies here, so getting records is pure luxury nowadays. In the end trading is here to stay, and I must admit, I kind of like it. Get music and trade or fukin die lazy fuk! It took some weeks to organize my stuff on this site, there's some work left to do but stuff looks quite ordered and searchable, send feedback if need something to be changed. I also updated my wishlist, I realise characters for russian bands are now readable so I also fixed that. This was done to promote trading even more, be it phsyical or digital (so you can dub your own copies or burn CDRs from real sources and not mp3 shit). And last but most important, the music vomit of the month: MARTIRE (AUS) - '88-'92 tape Compilation, bootleg tape I dubbed thanks to my old goat friend Pat who humbly shared this one with me. This is a must if you enjoy the band, because you can check how they have evolved throughout the years. Honestly I thought they could have started slower but they were pure chaotic noise since they got vomited by the lord of the unholy vaginas of hell. Thanks to the sound, MORBID ANGEL (US) influences are more evident and they even play "Chapel of Ghouls" as cover, future recordings are really unique in terms of their sound but this lets you appreciate the ideas in a more innocent way. The good thing of this compilation is that they were no liars, this tape includes live recordings that show their capabilities in 1988 and they were fukin disturbing! Funny idea that stole some smiles from my ugly face was its ending, has live audio recordings with some audience comments that are repeated once or twice each ha ha. One track that surprised me was "Warhammer", sounds totally influenced by REPULSION (US), "Horrified" rang the bell because of its chorus, speed and vocals. Another interesting fact regarding covers, is the one from HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH (AUS) , a local cover, I presume it might have been some of their early influences as their omonimous LP was released in 1988. Recommended for fans of this band. ABYSSALS (FRA) - Demo 1994 MLP by Triumph ov Death Records RE 2018, I have never heard of this band before, probably because in 94 death metal died ? HA HA that old phrase... well, don't know but these French bastards released a three tracks demo in that year with pure Death Metal worshiping the gods of MORBID ANGEL (US), The first riff guitar tune, as soon as this started to spin made me think of MUTILATED(FRA), of course is not in that vein but just the first instant impression. This seems to be a really forgotten tape and the band splitted after it, so nothing else got recorded. ADDITION: HAHAH! do you know why this bastards had that tune in the guitar!? because this is the post-MUTILATED band!! HA HA ! man... I have to be less impacient and read the notes! HAHAHAHHAHA! good to have in your collection if you enjoyed MUTILATOR and later MUTILATED you PSYCHODEATH LUNATICS! Thanks my dear Stefan for this unexpected gift. TOXIC GOAT(ARG) / MORBORUS(URY) - Hellish Aggressors Split 2021 independently released on tape. Both bands are solo-artist projects, the worse is that both used programmed drumming, but even though I think this is how every new kido could be playing to be metal and forget about it in a couple of years, at least fukulo (ex-HEFESTO(URY)) probed to be giving his blood for the underground by releasing this by himself. Now to the A-Side of this, unchained by TOXIC GOAT(ARG), "Burning your Body" made me think instantly of WITCHNIGHT(ARG), so honestly, this was not new for me at all, even the rythm changes are in that vein. "Power from Hell", has the same kind of riffing BATHORY(SWE) has and then changes into VENOM(UK) in "Welcome to Hell", "Destruktor" again is like BATHORY's "Necromansy" and last, "Vengeance of Night", starts exactly just like one HEFESTO's track I cannot recall the name, which led to ask myself, may be HEFESTO stole that one from some other project. Another badly misused resource here are the vocals, when the sharp screams appear, they are done as if the vocalist has no anger at all, these are totally weak. I admit I hear some uncompromissed details, like the broken-cable-sound, which made me think, this guy is not trying to be a rockstar, but in the end, that was only a detail and the music is just a bunch of recycled riffs in my opinion. Being not original at all I would not recommend this project. Side B massacres your skull with MORBORUS(URY), great and short intro inspired by DEATH(US)/SLAYER(US) at its beginning, it makes way for "Icon of Sin", well, this is more speedy which means better, vocals are ugly and dirty, reminded me a little bit of GEHENNAHH(SWE), influenced by BATHORY(SWE) too and mixed with SLAYER(US), this track has an spectacular solo, so exquisite with little Rock n Roll, I am impressed by this motherfuker who was part of HEFESTO(URY) as bassist. "Manic Attack" steals "Tormentor" riff from KREATOR(GER) and its totally influenced by it, but later riffs are smarter, some ANTICHRIST(SWE) rings the bell and vocals takes you to UNHALLOWED(Chl) when are kind of deep, the effect on vocals are spectaular too, not seen before in any Uruguayan band, then a riff ala "Thrash Attack" from DESTRUCTION(GER) smashes you followed by an impressive solo that stabs your face! "Psychotic Terror" blows you away with its violence, pretty obscure and insane, sung little faster what gives lots of violence, this is magnific and probably my favourite. "Witches Sabbath" cover from the mighty VULCANO(BRA) puts the end on this super recording, being a fan of VULCANO this was quite an excellent and great surprise. This project has a promising future because is highly skilled and plays tremendously, is as big as well known acts like DEATHHAMMER(NOR), CRUEL FORCE(GER),etc. Uruguay ended up being not that bad if you take JPI VIO-LENS KOMMAND(URY) into account, may be there is some bright future for younger bands after all. I have few copies on distro but you can always get in touch with the guys involved in the projects, here the contact of fukulo, the master mind: morborus666 at gmail com. Hurry up because it's only 50 copies! VA - Poisoned/Death Invoker/Paganfire/Pathogen/Deathly Scythe Split tape perfectly done by Morbid Ways to Die Records, my friend Erik, who was in charge of releasing a really creative newsletter named "Omega Dead Letter", I mean creative because you have his papers on your hands and you have to open them to form an inverted cross HA HA! That was amazing! I remember an issue with INFERNAL CURSE (ARG) on it. Well, this split tape was ejected into our reality by the same diabolic mind. The tape counts on a professional serigraphy on the tape itself which is terrific, the art is astonishing as fuk, red and black paper is an spectacular combination and the design is great, I loved the statement "Made in Chile". The only ugly detail on the tape is the QR code on it. Speaking of the music, well, everything sounds perfect, pro tape, totally worth it. The order described above is the order in which the tracklist gets unfold. POISONED (Pol) is not my cup of tea, classic death metal approach with something particular that probably could sound interesting to people from abroad, that is a weird English pronunciation, I am a huge fan of weird pronunciations but this one was not my kind of beer. Follows the great malevolent attack from the north, I mean the underground warriors of DEATH INVOKER (PER), cheers Juan! this project ended up being one of those I see something around, and I would buy it with no doubt because I know they do not disappoint, I felt something special with this band when I first got it, I like the way they do things, don't forget to check LEGION OF TORTURE (PER) fanzine. Then PAGANFIRE (PHI) comes in, with their Thrashing ferocity, these tracks are much better than the modern stuff they played on their first LP I got on CD, here I say modern but not because of their sound, because of their compositions, these tracks are much more aggressive from the stuff I heard before. One thing that still amuse me, is the fact that is the second band I check from this country where solo sound is similar to DEICIDE (US) , happened to me with COMATOSE (PHI) but now with them he he, anyway COMATOSE were totally looking for it. Their track "Disturbing, Deafening and Disgutsting" has vocals similar to INVOKATOR (DNK) . PATHOGEN (PHI) was unknown to me, the best of split tapes is this man! getting your ears into some audio nastyness. They play mid-tempo Death Metal with a terrific vocals and fluent ideas, "The March to Meggido" is what you get first, now I think I can relate the sound of the double-bass drumming to Philipines. "Wretched Gleam of Disorder" is the next one, here seems more influenced by the sound of early 90s, MALEVOLENT CREATION(US), BENEDICTION(UK) and DEICIDE(US) could be some of those. DEATHLY SCYTHE (CHL) finishes this tape with two tracks that were hidden from the masses, these were supposed to be part of an unreleased EP "The Dark Morbid Tune" , Chris is at bass/screams, Pablo (HAIL TO CRUELTY fanzine) on drums , he was part of the original lineup, and Victor (from INSANITY (CHL) ) on guitars. Excellent combination of minds full of anger. The perfect continuation of what they achieved in "The will of Death" demo.These tracks were no news to me because Victor recorded those in my "Will of death" b-side at the time. This band was spectacular and these recordings despite counting on no mastering at all, sound impressive! In the end, this is a terrific contemporary split tape you should not miss! THE HAMMERS (CHL) - The art of Battle and War 2021 tape by Morbid Ways to Die, another tape sent to me by the label, the first track is an intro which, due to having such an on-top bass reminded me of THRONEUM(POL) on its "Morbid Death Tales" tape. But as soon as "The Hammer's Hate" explodes, it surprised me with its vocals, this guy sings as if it were Lele from EVERSOR (ITA) but not that sharp. This project is a Black Thrash metal influenced by the mighty gods of the past, but I think these guys could shine outside the countless projects of this genre thanks to the vocals, I can compare them with what HELLAVENGER(CHL) achieved with the latest promo tape and also reminded me a lot to the bastards from ALCOHOLIC AGGRESSOR (ARG). Another ugly detail on this one, fakebook, instantfame links were added, the band should avoid those on a classical format as tapes are, even the label, take this as a constructive comment. This is a three track demo that deserves to be checked! Eternal thanks Erik, your work is top quaility and deserves recognition! EUTANASIA (CHL) - Exterminio + Promo tape 2017, RE 2021 by Morbid Ways to die, again another one sent to me by the label, This is pure double-bass drumming DM with little mid-tempo ala CANNIBAL CORPSE (US), not my kind of beer honestly, I can hardly distinguish the tons of bands that sound this way and I mostly don't care because I don't understand or feel anything when listening to this kind of stuff, too perfect may be, top musicians. Probably, you could disagree on this with me, I just don't care, Is not what I am used to listening, the same way I don't listen to some other genres. But if you are looking for this kind of music give them a try, the tape itself and audio are high quality too as the previous ones. BLACK HOSTS (Pol) - Times of Eternal Torture 2019, RE tape 2020, released in top quality by Total Darkness Propaganda, this is a Thrash Metal with Speed vocals and obscure atmosphere, particular sound that gives them some kind of originality. The superb artwork totally takes you to the Strappado LP from the canadian bastards, it's totally impressive art. The music is great, I would compare the vocals with ALCOHOLIC FORCE (Col) at some points and also EVIL INVADERS(Bel) because of the sharp parts and also some ANTICHRIST(Swe). The tune of the guitar is fukin amazing, I love it. I got into them thanks to the terrific polish attack compilation included in one of the MORBID FAITH newsletter issues, and when I read they got signed and released an album, there was no excuse to get this fukin stuff right away. You won't be disappointed , you must get this Polish thrash metal act as fast as metal! ETERNAL DIRGE (Ger) - Morbus Ascendit 1992, RE 2020 by Roots Active Prods, this is an strange DM band from Germany which always felt good to my ears, is pretty obscure, weird, technical and extreme, I saw this was reissued by Dark Symphonies on 12'' but it was quite expensive for me at the time so I was waiting for it to be done on CD by the same label, but luckily I came across with it thanks to Johansen from Destruktion Recs. Their demos are more thrashy as expected being from late 80s, and this is a natural progression towards skills. I could compare this band with MORGOTH(Ger) in some points, probably those thrash parts with double bass drumming and some swedish aura due to some notes on the guitars. "The Crawling Chaos" is one of my favourite tracks from them, starting really influenced by SLAYER(US) and later sounds just like ATOMIC AGGRESSOR(Chl) because of that rythm, later those fukin astonishing loose notes I just fukin love! I remember them with a really kind memory on my brain because I was really into this album, despite not having it at the moment, during the first years of my own band, among some other german bands like ASSORTED HEAP(Ger) and ATROCITY(GER). Later the vocals are fukin brilliant, violent , the deep growls chorus just made it perfect. I presume they were quite influenced by NOCTURNUS(US) too, some keyboards from time to time, and the intro in "Blind Idiot God" also makes me think of the intro used in "Thresholds" album, and later scales are taken from VARATHRON(Gre) with no doubt, well mixed into Death Metal. This band's demos were already in my wishlist, so please anyone willing to help me out with those ones get in touch! Highly recommended reissue by the way, if you can afford the 12'' go for it directly with the US label, otherwise you could try to get this one. Recommended! EURYNOMOS(GER) - The Trilogy & from The Valleys of Hades LP on tape 2021 by Destruktion Records, this includes their three EP's. Starting with "Unchained from the Crypt" EP from 2015, these guys achieved to create some Black Thrash metal influenced by BATHORY(SWE) and VENOM(UK) with their own identity, I have written down their name years ago when I got some flyers, when I saw Iron Pegasus releases around,etc,etc and I had never had the chance to listen to them. Now I risk myself, without listening to them anywhere else, buying this super luxurious tape box that includes this three EP tape plus their latest full length. I was surprised as fuk in how all this got done, I would have never bought such a box but coming from Joahnnes I had to give it a try. I ended up being really happy with it because this does not feel like a clone band. You can easily identify the influences but at the same time they make it pretty well I can say. Hey Chris, you are in the thank-list with "The Cult of our darkest Past"! This EP is a proper gateway to understand how they made their big name in the underground. The next EP named "Eye of the Pantheon" it follows the same walked path, was also released the same year with three more tracks, fluent music, this time VENOM(UK) influences predominate, I would like to see them live totally, "Invisible Rays" kills, probably their most Thrash metal track. The last EP from 2016 entitled "Fierce Alliance" and as its name states, is more fierce, more agressive and little bit faster and heavy at the same time. "Spell of Necromansy" count on some laughs recordings that are totally MERCYFUL FATE(Dnk) he he, MEFISTO(SWE) too but they also took it from there. Some AURA NOIR(NOR) influences also seem to be present. This last one counts on a new drummer that seems to add different touches on the drumming if you compare the feeling between the other recordings and this one. In the end this is a clear example of progression too. After these EP's I grabbed the LP tape, the artwork it's spectacular, the music is exactly in the same vein but vocals are much better, in front of your face, but the music is little bit slower. I can say the whole production is great, everything sounds spectacular, solos, arrangements and drums. The box includes poster, pin, sticker, lyrics, postcard and don't know what else Ha ha! eine flying ticket nach Deutschland would have been auch cool mein Freund HA HA, I mostly find all these quite fancy and unnecessary but okey, coming from this underground label I know it was done purely to totally support this band in a full professional and passionate way, something hardly seen these days, because as far as I know, this label does not promote shit on social media or so, this was not for easymoneymaking... I was lucky enough that this bastard saved a copy for me. The box itself is not wooden but metal and looks outstanding, but for me the most important is the music and the band totally probed to worth it. My final thoughts on this project, after some times of listening to all these recordings, I won't cut my veins for them but I can asure you that if you are into this kind of Black Metal, you won't be disappointed at all, the three EP's are great, and I am pretty sure this is one of those projects that are much intense while live shows! RIGOR MORTIS(US) - Holocaust/Warriors of Doom EP 1990 by Seraphic Decay Recs. This is the pretty well known Deathrash metal act pre IMMOLATION(US) , luckily I traded this not long ago with my friend Eduardo ( BEERMUG(BRA) ), this recordings are from 1987 and are impressive, I already knew this but I had not listened to it for quite a long time. I fukin love the vocals, the riffs, all are superb, Totally recommended, this has nothing to do with IMMOLATION even being the previous act, Vigna's way of playing is not that evolved and much more thrasher, in the end this is a fukin amazing release. Thanks my friend! ENFORCER(Chl) - Violent Speed Assault 2007 by Utterly Somber Creations Records, another of those recordings I bought knowing anything about the band, just its genre and that they were from Chile, honestly what made me bought it was the artwork, I fukin loved it, simple but effective. Vocals surprised me because where much more deep for what I was expecting for a Speed Metal act. For me this is not that speed metal but Thrash Metal, pretty fast, influenced by the German school mixed with AGRESSOR(Fra) 's drums and riffs, no more nor less. I really liked the sound because is natural, seems as if it were a live recording and probably it was due to the fact it was recorded in 7 hours on a chilean studio, and check the evil spirit emanated by the drummer Ha ha ha! I can feel his anxiety! fukin great! And huge pile of assholes out there playing around with their computers to simulate this shit! You will never achieve it asshole! Highly recommended, being from Chile, disappointment is not an option, krushing Thrash Metal asured! TERMINATOR(Pol) - Evil of the World Demo 1990 CD RE 2010 by Disgusting Productions, spectacular crude, raw, evil mid-tempo Deathrash assault. In the vein of SLAUGHTER(Pol) but less fast with vomiting violent vocals which can be compared with ZYKLON-B(US), CENOTAPH(Ita) mixed with little IMPERATOR(Pol) and even SADISTIC INTENT(US) . Influenced by the thrash of the 80s with its personal polish identity printed on the top of its skull. Even though their logo looks like VOIVOD(Can) I hardly recognized influences from them, this CD includes something I supose is a biography but I understand shit because it is in Polish fukaahhrghhh! Totally recommended for the archeologists of death. DETONATOR(Hun) - Demo 1990 CD RE 2018 by Metal ör Die Records, it starts with Space Oddysey 2001 from Kubrik intro then smashes your brains out of your skull with a primitive Death/thrash metal. What am I going to remark about them? The fukin astonishing pronunciations and vocals!! Something related to its sound made me think of ASSESSOR(Cze). "A halál Angyala" is a mixture between a rotten POSSESSED(US) and CELTIC FROST(Swi) if you need to get an idea of what you get with them. I cannot say nothing more than fukin support this an get a copy, it kills! VOMITOR(Aus) - Bleeding the Priest 2002 CD by Invictus Prods, Yeah man, I felt I needed to get this after listening to their first demo, what can I say, this album starts with "Hunter for Blood" and a fukin love that track, the productions of course is better comparing this to the demo, but the vocals are much more spectral, less defined in my opinion and sometimes too much reverb, that track is an example where it used to be better without the exageration on that effect. Anyway, this band definately is magnific, and I can hardly add something extra on this one because the vein is just the same I already reviewed. This kind of vocals took me to BLACK BEAST(Chl) or even INFERNAL CURSE(Arg) at some times. Hugely recommended, you can blindly get it, you won't be disappointed at all! NECRONOMICON(Ger) - Necronomicon 1986, RE 2006 by Battle Cry Records, When I first jumped into the insane realms of DESTRUCTION(Ger), more than a decade ago, I also came across with SODDOM(Ger), and also came across with NECRONOMICON, but never felt much confortable listening to them, I was drunk somewhere in time not long ago and my friend Eduardo ( BEERMUG(BRA) ) insisted I was wrong, this band was great... well I could not say a word because the track we listened at his place from his 12'' was excellent, I was totally wrong, so I decided to get a CD to check it myself more in detail. My sober experience now; this is a mixture among, mostly SODOM in vocals, DESTRUCTION and with little CELTIC FROST(SWI) including a touch of Hardcore, you get the picture right? This LP starts with a immensively boring track named "Dark Land", cut in the middle with slow guitars, is it part of the ritual? is it cult? fuk... suks badly! I fukin depise it. The second track "Possessed by Evil" has the same cut and screams like in DESTRUCTION's "Bestial Invasion". After a couple of boring tracks "Bloody Revenge" comes, reminded me of KREATOR(GER) in riffs and then turns into Hardcore which is perfectly mixed, this is the first track well done adding little originality. "Insanity" shows up with an SLAYER-ish riff ala "Black Magic" then turns into a kind of "Burst Command til War" and suddenly is like "Sign of Evil" from VIOLENT FORCE(Ger) with some weird changes. "Blind Destruction" as its name, screams DESTRUCTION, with that classical music touch on it typical from Mike's way of riffing, then comes into a SODOM's sound mostly due to vocals, is quite long like every track on this album and is the second one I would say is not bad. "Hades Invasion", this is the one we checked at my friend's house, I guess this fuker put the B-side to impress me ha ha, this starts automatically with a great and violent scream but you have already read the influences, nothing new here, anyway it is a good track, the best for now I guess, followed by "Magic Forest" little bit influenced by VENOM(UK) is also good but not impressive. This ends with "Iron Charm", what an awful name HA HA, starts as if it were DISCHARGE(UK), I like it, three tracks out of 8 in the end. This reissue comes with a biography explaining why the did not shine back in the days, like a big-labels war against small ones, what we all know, business, it was claimed that they were not as big as other german thrash acts because of this, giving them bad reviews on magazines... eh... honestly, I think they didn't do it because, as I thought like 16 years ago, this band was just copying what others already did and adding almost nothing of originality. One thing I would remark is their approach towards what the scene was back then, they were into DYI, so that also prevented them from becoming massively exposed by managers or whatever... that is what I liked the most from this band. In the end, I was not wrong, if you enjoy clone bands, well get it, you won't be disappointed, for me, what was written was not just part of a battle among labels, was mostly the truth, even though we all know that shit happened back then and even today. KURO (Jpn) - Who the Helpless 1984, surprised by my friend joakill who gave me this dubbed one, I ended up listening to this kind of DISCHARGE(UK) band coming from Japan. The best of it, despite being a little bit slower than DISCHARGE, where I would compare it more with GBH(UK), is the vocals which are full of anger. And another highlight are some solos which are kind of interesting and the so classic bass on the top of the cake. All tracks are great on this EP. Recommended, last track "No more no" even reminded me of VIOLENT FORCE (GER) 's "Dead City". MORTEM(Per) - Demonolatry: Iter Tenebricosum Ad Priscam Mortem 2016 double CD demo Compilation by Veins Full of Wrath Prods. This is a great compilation with all the important recordings from this legend. Although the printing is quite poor, the amount of pictures from those times are excellent. The insert is fat full of color pages, some pics of them with some other musicians were also included, like Mortem w/Fabio (SARCOFAGO(BRA) ), with IMMOLATION(US), Mitch Harris ( NAPALM DEATH(UK) ), etc... I wanted to have this one because of their first recording "Evil Dead" demo that along with "Superstition" are one of their best works in my opinion, and the best of this is that the label did an excellent work keeping all the first two demos tracks altogether in one CD, where Amduscias did vocals, and added the rest on the second CD where Nebiros did them. This also includes a poster with the artwork. Anyway, a must for those digging in their old stuff. REGRESUS DIABOLI (GER) - #3 (2021), this fanzine is comepletely new to me because I have never read any issue before this one, it is done by a nazi mongoloid from this rich country who loves claiming he is not a nazi but looks just like a militar soldier and behaves just like one, totally scumbag sikfukedinDass. Yes I am refering to my lovely brother Stefan. Introduction aside, I was supposed to give my feedback to him directly, but that is useless because he is going to be the only one reading about his wrongdoings in the paper n glue realms. To be honest, having fluent ways of writing and directing interviews plus the enormous amount of creativity one has to have under possession, is more than an act of unspeakable, but this retarded fuker who loves dealing with the weird side of the brain has totally penetrated the key of success. This particular issue has interviews with HOLOCAUSTO(BRA), which is totally well done, but as said by Mendarov (Terozin editor), some people can just destroy your amount of passion put on questions, with short answers or showing off certain feeling of not being interested, that's what I felt on this one since one of the participants shows himself as an ego short minded creature. Besides, the awful font selected for this one, which make it really hard for me to follow, and aesthetically speaking, sucks badly. The content is good but does not shine like the ones I am going to comment on now. Let's focus on the great, because the best comes at last, the whole fanzine art is amazingly done, its peak is when you get to the story about a guy who happens to experience intercourse with an old lady, the strory is pure ecstasy. It's also full of well written and some weirdo packed reviews and not put in any particular order because you come across with these after getting your way through interviews, I liked that a lot, disconnects you from in-depth interviews, feels like a rest to keep you attached to the fanzine and totally achieves it, great fukin idea. Flyers and contacts are everywhere around too, fukin great, I also like that mostly because I am really into this kind of underground propaganda. Another remarkable interview, is the one from the lord of the unknown, the master of the fanzine macromarket, Stefan Löns, the head in Witchcraft Mag, terrific interview, this one, in few questions felt about to get bored, but again, fukin creative bastard on its duties let it not to happen. The aforementioned psycho from Bulgaria was also interviewed, I mean Mendarov, regarding his duties from his side of the globe, well, this is a top interview, a total example of a completely curious interviewer looking for that neck to suck its blood, this one is excellent. I almost forgot, Thomas from Life Eternal Prods was also interviewed here, also regarding his activities under the label/distro he is heading, fantastic with a to-the-point way of viewing things. These ones, are a total kick in the face for those fukers who only buy fanzines with the so-cult-old-ancient-underground names on the front cover, those were a really smart way of putting something fresh and worth to read example on how underground warriors are still active around the globe. (Stefan, when I grow up I want to be you, but excluding your ass, that damned shithole is so fuked...). Fanzines are hard to compare when are well done, but as fanzines are hard as fuk to be done well, the only one coming up to my mind including extensive and also fresh interviews (like the amazing one with the pictavian bastard Shaxul) is LEGION OF TORTURE (PER), godly fanzine too. This papers are awesome and you won't regret getting a copy of this. You should grab it fast because I guess is sold out, only available through reliable underground distros or few copies could be in the hands of its creator. Check his site and get his contact: crudelis-inhumanitas blogspot com NEW BORN PATROL ZINE (UK) - #1 (2021), xeroxed, A5 format, I have not too much to add on this one. Simple, to the point but I was not too intrigued by the bands written on it. Is still have second issue to check out too. Besides, something weird is that the author (Nuno, thanks for the trade pal! ), changed the name of it and even releases more than one fanzine... ha ha damn it! sounds like tons of work. This guy is/was behind "Forged by Fire & Steal", a NWBHM fanzine, looks interesting, still pending to read. And a more known one named "Metal Horde", also pending. Will write about them in the future. NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST (FRA) - Newsletter August 2021, had a great interview with BLOOD SPORT (FIN), yes, hugely stupid name but the interview is fantastic, really well done, and besides the bands kills, I checked their bandcamp because is the only contact provided on that inteview and I just listen to a few seconds, fem vocals, be aware, this probably kills!! (Greetings gab! ) Well that's it for this fukin time folks... still lots of shit in the pending pile but hopefully it will be die out sooner or later and these you read about will be around my stereo for more intense listenings of corpse! Cheers and till next month or so.

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